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    Note: All the equipments list below are our selling records!



    Equipments sales


    Guangxi hengxian xinweilin board Co.,Ltd. Guangxi,china 1 set of dryer shell、BX2113C drum chipper、MT800-128 metal detector 2018
    WANHUA Guangxi,china ϕ6*32m Dryer shell 2018
    Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co.,Ltd Shandong,China BZY4110/20 Transversal chain conveyor、BBP280 Rotary debarker、BZY4110/6 Outfeed chain conveyor、BZY3110/2Roller conveyor、BZY11100/13 Belt conveyor、JT5-1000Metal detector、BZY11100/6 Belt conveyor、Tipper-hopper、BZY4140/6Transversal chain conveyor、BZY4140/10Transversal chain conveyor、BZY11100/56Belt conveyor、BZY11100/20Belt conveyor、Electrical control 2018
    Shandong youan huatai engineering Co., Ltd Indonesia 1 set of BX216 chipper 2018
    Xinjiang haineng electronic technology Co.,Ltd Xinjiang,China 1 set of BX2116 chipper 2018
    Yangjiang lvyuan wood-based panel Co.,Ltd. Guangdong ,China 1 set of BZY3112/3 roller conveyor 2018
    Guangxi Jinyuanwood Co.,Ltd. Guangxi,china 1 set of BX218A chipper 2018
    Lvzhou sengong(huainan) Co.,Ltd Anhui,China 4 sets of BZY235/9 double-screw conveyor 2018
    PUBLIC WASTE WOOD RECYCLE SDN.BHD. Malaysia A set of root crusher 2018
    Huaibei Ningfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Anhui,China 2 sets of BZY4135/20 horizontal log haul-up,2 sets of BBP280 rotary debarker,2 sets of discharge log haul-up,2 sets of BZY3110/7 roller conveyor,2 sets of BZY1110/13 belt conveyor,2 sets of metal detector,2 sets of BZY11100/6 belt conveyor,2 sets of Tipping device, a set of BZY1150/6 belt conveyor, 2 sets of BZY4130/6 horizontal conveyor, 2 sets of BZY4130/14 horizontal conveyor, 3 sets of BZY1150/6 belt conveyor,3 sets of BZY1180/46 belt conveyor,a set of BZY11100/6 positive and negative belt conveyor,a set of BZY1180/32 belt conveyor, a set of BZY4120/6 horizontal conveyor,a set of BZY4120/18 horizontal conveyor 2018
    Hubei Baoyuan wood co., Ltd Hubei,China 2 sets of screw conveyor,1 set sanding belt cleaner 2018
    RAINBOW PELLET SDN BHD Malaysia a set of BZY1150/3 belt conveyor, a set of BZY1150/8 belt conveyor, a set of BZY11120/12 belt conveyor, a set of RCYD-12 B=1200 self-discharge type magnetic iron separator,a set of RCYB-10 B=1000 hanging type magnetic iron separator,2 sets of SPD1000/17 big angle belt conveyor(horizontal),2 sets of SPD1000/17 big angle belt conveyor(climbing),a set of BZY1180/34 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1180/28 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1180/29 belt conveyor, 2 sets of three way distributor,2 sets of BZY1180/23 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1180/25 belt conveyor, a set of RCYD-12 self-discharge type magnetic iron separator, 6 sets of MLDC86-4.0 cyclone pulse dust bag collector 2018
    Australia Siboen Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Shandong,China 1 set of ф6.2m*30m drying cylinder,a set of BX5615 Screen ring grinding machine 2018
    Shandong Fengyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong,China a set of BZY4135/24 horizontal conveyor, a set of BBP280 rotary debarker,a set of BZY4110/6 Discharge puller,a set of BZY3110/7 roller conveyor,a set of BZY11100/13 belt conveyor,a set of JT5-1000 metal detector,a set of BZY11100/6 belt conveyor,a set of Tipping device,a set of BZY4130/6 horizontal conveyor ,a set of BZY4130/14 horizontal conveyor ,a set of BZY1180/46 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1180/36 belt conveyor,,3 sets of BZY1150/6 belt conveyor,a set of electrical control system 2018
    Vanachai Panel Industries Thailand a set of BZY4112/32 inlet chain conveyor, a set of BL101 debarker inlet chute, a set of BBP1140 drum debarker, a set of BZY4110/6 outlet chain conveyor, a set of BZY3110/7 clean roller conveyor, a set of BZY11110/13 flat belt conveyor, a set of BZY11100/6 acceleration belt conveyor, a set of automatic loaders, a set of BZY4115/6 automatic loaders, a set of BZY4115/20 cross chain conveyor with log stop,a set of BZY4115/13 cross chain conveyor with log stop, a set of BZY11100/83 bark belt conveyor, a set of BZY1180/40 bark belt conveyor, a set of BZY1180/8 bark belt conveyor 2018
    RAINBOW PELLET SDN BHD Malaysia 2 sets of BZY235/6 Screw conveyor, a set of BZY11120/35 belt conveyor, a set of BF14120 three-layer vibrating screen, a set of BZY11120/70 belt conveyor, 2 sets of three way distributor,a set of BZY11120/59 belt conveyor, a set of RCYB-12 Magnetic separator , 4 sets of MQS5-54 No8C Fan machine , 4 sets of BFL-7-160 cyclone separator, 4 sets of RV-9 rotary loader, 4 sets of CFM51-97-4.0 cyclone pulse belt dust collector, 4 sets of RV-5 rotary loaders, 4 sets of BZY236/10 screw conveyors, 4 sets of NDL-900 rotary loader, a set of BZY236/7 screw conveyor, a set of BLC230 230m3 round soil, a set of BZY235/7 double screw conveyor, a set of BZY1180/33 belt conveyor, a set of electrical control system 2018
    Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co., Ltd. Shanghai 2 sets of SG5-S1 Screw conveyor1, 2 sets of SG5-S2 Screw conveyor2, 2 sets of XC5 X Hopper,a set of Feed conveyor surface 1LNSH33210 ,a set of Feed conveyor core LNSH33410, a set of Feed conveyor surface 2 LNSH33810 2018
    Wanhua Ecological Board Co., Ltd. Hubei,China a set of BL6300 vibrating feeding machine, a set of BZY11120/22 belt conveyor,a set of BF14150B flake screen,a set of BF14150 wood chip screening machine 2018
    Xinyang Lvdashan Oil Tea Resources Development Co., Ltd. Xinyang,China a set of BZY1180/18 belt conveyor,a set of YBX218A Camellia shelling machine, a set of BZY1180/18 belt conveyor, a set of YBF14100B Three layer vibrating screen of camellia seed, a set of BZY1180/12 belt conveyor,a set of YGH100/(1000*3500) Toothed roller sorting machine,a set of CRYA-8 Permanent magnet separator,a set of electrical control system(With 15KW inverter) 2018
    Fenglin Yachuang (Huizhou) Wood-based Panel Co., Ltd. Guangdong,China a set of BF14100 three-layer vibrating screen,1 set of BZY11100/24 belt conveyor, a set of BF14100 vibrating screen,a set of BZY1180/30 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1180/40 belt conveyor 2018
    Wanhua Ecological Board Co., Ltd. Huaiyuan,Anhui a set of BG2832-21A Single channel dryer,a set of BS2210A Continuous glue dispenser,1 unit of BZY3110/2 roller conveyor,a set of BZY11120/9 belt conveyor,a set of B1200 metal detector(Sartorius),a set of BX2116 drum chipper(3 knives),a set of BL6300 vibrating feeding machine ,1 set of BZY11120/22 belt conveyor,a set of BF14150B flake screen,a set of BF14150 wood chip screening machine,a set of Oversized shavings screen,a set of BX5615 Screen ring grinding machine 2018
    Wanhua Ecological Board Co., Ltd. Hubei,China a set of BG2832-21A Single channel dryer,a set of BS2210A Continuous glue dispenser,1 unit of BZY3110/2 roller conveyor,a set of BZY11120/9 belt conveyor,a set of B1200 metal detector(Sartorius),a set of BX2116 drum chipper(3 knives),a set of BL6300 vibrating feeding machine ,1 set of BZY11120/22 belt conveyor,a set of BF14150B flake screen 2018
    Lvzhou sengong(Liuan)Co.,Ltd  Anhui,China chain conveyor, 1 unit of BZY4112/15 chain conveyor, 1 unit of BZY3112/2 roller conveyor,1 set of BZY11120/10 belt conveyor,a set of BX2116 drum chipper,1 set of BZY11120/94 belt conveyor,1 set of BZY11120/38 belt conveyor,a set of three way distributor,a set of BZY11120/55 belt conveyor,2 sets of BZY11120/10 belt conveyor, 2 sets of BZY11120/35 mobile belt conveyor,1 set of BZY11120/15 mobile belt conveyor,4 sets of BZY235/7 slo spiral,a set of BZY11100/45 belt conveyor, a set of BF14150 three-layer vibrating screen,a set of BZY11100/98 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1150/12 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1150/13 belt conveyor,a set of BX1418 Roller screen,a set of BZY1150/13 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1150/45 belt conveyor,a set of BZY1165/85 belt conveyor,a set of BZY324/6 screw conveyor,a set of BZY1150/75 belt conveyor,a set of electrical control system 2018
    RAINBOW PELLET SDN BHD Malaysia a set of BZY4112/15 Chain conveyor,1 set of BZY11120/10 belt conveyor,1 set of B=1200plate type metal detector,1 unit of BZY3112/4 roller conveyor,a set of BX2116 drum chipper,a set of BZY235/8 double screw conveyor,a set of MDD-3000D automatic knife sharpener,a set of electrical control system+PLC program control 2018
    Wanhua Ecological Board Industry (Xinyang) Co., Ltd. Tongling, Anhui 1 set of BF14150B flake screen,2 sets of BX5615 double-stream millφ,φ4.6*25m dryer drum shell,Single channel dryer,Continuous glue dispenser,1 unit of BZY3110/2 roller conveyor,1 set of BZY11120/9 belt conveyor,1 unit of B1200 metal detector,a set of BX2116 drum chipper 2018
    WANHUA Shanghai,China 1 set of AHDD-PD belt conveyor 2018
    Wanhua Ecological Board Industry (Xinyang) Co., Ltd. Hubei,China 1 set of grass cutter 2018
    Hubei Kangxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei,China BX 2110 chipper line 2018
    EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD BERHAD Malaysia BX326 re-cutter 2018
    Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co., Ltd. Algeria 17 sets of conveyors;Belt conveyor,chip screen,collect frame,stack chain conveyor etc;1 set of electrical control 2018
    MORIYA CO.,LTD Japan BBP160 rotary debarker 2018
    GREEN RIVER WOOD&LUMBER MFG SDN.BHD Malaysia BX218A drum chipper 2018
    Taishan weilibang wood Co., Ltd Guangdong,China drum chipper,BL6300 vibrating feeding machine and other 16 devices 2017
    S.P.B.PanelIndusties Co.,Ltd Thailand reversing door 2017
    Taishan weilibang wood Co., Ltd Guangdong,China 6 sets of tee distributors,BZY325/7 double screw conveyor,belt conveyor 2017
    WANHUA Hubei Jingmen φ4.6*25mDryer shell,Single channel dryer、Glue sprayer 2017
    Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co.,Ltd Algeria BX2113A Drum chipper 2017
    Nanning Ketian Shuixing  Co.,Ltd. Guangxi Nanning 1 set of wood preparation section,300,000m3/a Homogenous PB 2017
    Rizhao Aosenboen Co.,Ltd. Shangdong Rizhao BX218B Drum Chipper 2017
    Phoneix pulp and paper public pcl. Thailand 1 set of wood preparation(debarking) section for small wood line 2017
    Wanhua Group Hubei Jingmen 1 set of wood preparation section,250,000m3/a PB 2017
    Samartex Timber&Plywood Co.,Ltd. Ghana BX218A Chipping line 2017
    Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Co.,Ltd. Guangxi Nanning Dryer shell 2017
    Taishan Weilibang  Guangdong Taishan 1 set of wood preparation section for PB production line 2017
    Liuzhou sanyi WBP Co.,Ltd. Guangxi TD1000/20 Bucket elevator 2017
    Shandong youan huatai engineering Co., Ltd Indonesia 1´4MW power station chip conveying system 2017
    S.P.B.PanelIndusties Co.,Ltd Thailand 70 t/h debaeking line 2017
    Shandong youan huatai engineering Co., Ltd Shandong BZY1180/10、BZY1170/10 belt conveyor,BX218A、BX218 drum chipper 2017
    Yangzhou Kuaile Machinery Co., Ltd Yangzhou Dryer shell 2017
    Huaining kelin Wood Co., Ltd Anhui  BL6250/11 vibrating conveyor 2017


    BZY3210/9 Double screen conveyor、BZY1165/58 Belt conveyor、BZY1165/22 Belt conveyor、Impeller assembly,Hydraulic pump station

    WANHUA Henan, China BX4612Flaker、BX218D Drum chipper、BF14100 Chip screen,BF14150 Flake screen"
    EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD BERHAD Malaysia Vibrating infeeder,BX213B Drum chipper,BX326 Re-cutter 2016
    BESGRADE PRODUCTS SDN.BHD Malaysia Wood preparation section 2016
    WANHUA Henan, China BF14100 Chip screen,BF14150 Flake screen 2016
    WANHUA Henan, China BZY11100/15Belt conveyor(include metal detector)、BX2110Drum chipper、BX4614ARing Flaker 2016
    Morrison Industrial Supply International Limited Malaysia Belt conveyor、metal detector 2016
    Prize of Wood Green Energy Co.,Ltd Thailand Wood preparation section 2016
    Hangzhou Dingging Trading Co.,LTD Hangzhou 1set of BX218 drum chipper 2016
    EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD Berhad Malaysia 1 set of small log separator 2015
    Yunnan Yonglifa Forestry Co.,Ltd. Yunnan A set of BX4612 flaker 2015
    EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD Berhad Malaysia Wood preparation section 2015
    DIEFFENBACHER GMBH Maschinen-und Anlagenbau Mexico 1 set of 160m3 sob/h log debarking system 2015
    PT. OKI Pulp & Paper Mills Indonesia Rotary debarker 2015
    Hubei Dongrun Wood Industry Co., Ltd Hubei Jingmen Wood preparation section 2014
    EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD Berhad Malaysia 1 unit of BF14150 three-layer vibrating screen 2014
    Shenzhen Greening Administrative Office Shenzhen 1 unit of MDD-1500D knife grinder 2014
    EVERGREEN FIBREBOARD Berhad Malaysia a set of 160m3/h log debarking system,300,000m3/a MDF 2014
    Shouguang Luli Wood Industry Co., Ltd Shandong Shouguang a set of 130m3/h log debarking system,220,000m3/a OSB 2014
    Luoding Lvyuan MDF Co., Ltd Guangdong Luoding a set of 100m3/h log debarking system 2014
    Zhejiang Layo Wood Co., Ltd Zhejiang Jiaxing 1 unit of BX218 drum chipper 2014
    Shouguang Luli Wood Co., Ltd Shandong Shouguang 1 set of drum body of drum dry 2014
    OKI   production line material preparing section 2014
    Fenglinyachuang(Huizhou) Wood-based Panel Co., Ltd Guangdong Huizhou 1 set of drum body of drum dryer 2014
    Hubei Zhonglin Wood Co., Ltd Hubei 1 unit of middle frame of chain conveyor 2014
    Luomin Resource Personal Co., Ltd Malaysia production line material preparing section (BZY4140/20), 1 unit of horizontal conveyor, 1 unit of BBP1180 rotary debarker, 1 unit of BZY4110/6 chain conveyor, 1 unit of BZY11100/29 belt conveyor 2014
    Dongying Zhenghe Wood Industry Co., Ltd Shangdong Guangrao Vibrating Screen frame 2013
    Qingyuan Weilibang Wood Industry Co., Ltd Qingyuan Drive device reform of BBP1140 Debarker 2013
    Yunnan Lincang Fanhua Wood Industry Co., Ltd Province One set of BZY4145/10 Chain conveyor and one set of BZY4145/3.5 Chain conveyor 2013
    Shanghai Keming trade co., Ltd Shanghai one set of BX2110 drum chipper 2013
    PUBLIC WASTE WOOD RECYCLE SDN. BHD. Malaysia one set of BX2113/8A drum chipper 2013
    PUBLIC WASTE WOOD RECYCLE SDN. BHD. Malaysia one set of BX218A drum chipper 2013
    Hainan province shengda wood industry Co., Ltd Hainan Tunchang 生產線備料工段 2013
    Hong Wei Woods Industry (Renhua) Group Co., Ltd Guangdong Shaoguan one set of cylindrical shell of the drying cylinder 2013
    Thai pellet bio energy Co., Ltd Thailand one set of BX219 chipper, one unit of JT5C-650 metal detector, one set of MDD-1500A knife grinder 2012
    Guangxi Hezhou Red Star Paper Co., Ltd. Guangxi Hezhou one set of BX218D drum chipper, one unit of JT5-C800 metal detector 2012
    Dafeng Tiangong Building Board Co., Ltd Jiangsu Dafeng one set of BX218A drum chipper 2012
    Asian Oak Co.,Ltd. Thailand Two sets of BBP160 Thorn Roller Debarker 2012
    Hubei Weilibang wood industry Co., Ltd Hubei One set of BF14150 Wood chip screen 2012
    Mengzhou Aoseng Panel Board Co., Ltd. Mengzhou One set of BZY4110/12 Feeding Chain Conveyor, One set of JT5-C1200 Metal detector, One set of BZY2112/2 Roller conveyor, One set of BX2113/13 Drum chipper, one set of BF14150 Threeply vibrating screen 2012
    Ganzhou Huajin Paper industry Co.,Ltd Ganzhou One set of BX1212 re-chipper with its annual output of 850 thousand tons 2012
    Hubei Weilibang wood industry Co., Ltd Hubei One set of BX218A Drum Chipper 2012
    Zhoukou Dahe wood industry Henan Slope of Wood handling line for MDF and HDF fibreboard with annual output of 225,000 m3 2012
    Wanfuda Wood industry Shandong One set of BF14100 wood chip screen 2012
    Jiangxi Lvzhou panel board Co., Ltd. Jiangxi One set of BX2110 drum chipper 2012
    Dongguan Jintian paper Co., Ltd. Dongguan Wood handling line for chipping with daily output of 825 tons 2012
    Nanjing Forestry University Nanjing Develop new products 2012
    Jiangxi Xinfeng Lvyuan panel board Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Wood handling line 2012
    Huai’anHuifeng wood industry Jiangsu Huai’an Wood handling line for MDF and HDF fibreboard with annual output of 150,000 m3 2012
    Zhoukou Dahe industry Henan Slope of Wood handling line for MDF and HDF fibreboard with annual output of 225,000 m3 2012
    Anhui Wood handling line for MDF fibreboard with annual output of 200,000 m3 2011
    PERAWANG,Indonesia Complete set of equipments of debarking wood handling line with annual output of 1,000,000tons(φ5×30m) 2011
    Asia dekor(heyuan) Wood industry co., Ltd
    Heyuan, Guangdong one set of BX2110 Drum chipper 2011
    Qingyuan Weilibang wood Industry Co., Ltd
    Qingyuan one set of BX218 Drum chipper 2011
    Jilin Senglin Industry Co.,Ltd
    Changchun,Jilin Material preperation section conveying system with hour output of 108 m3 2011
    Fanhua Forestry Investment Development Co.,Ltd
    Lincang,Yunnan Wood handling line for MDF (HDF) project with daily output of 150,000 m3 in Lincang,Yunnan 2011
    Luobin Co.,Ltd
    Yichun a set of knife roll for BX2120 Drum chipper 2011
    Jiangsu Muyang biomass energy Equipment Co.,Ltd
    Jiangsu BX216 Drum chipper, ,JT5C-650 Metal detector, MDD-1500A Grinder, spare parts for BX216 2011
    Shanxi Junda wood Industry Co.,Ltd Xiaxian Branch
    Yunchen,Shanxi Wood handling line for MDF (HDF) project with daily output of 150,000 m3 2011
    Anhui Liuan Yejiliren wood Industry Co.,Ltd
    Yeji,Anhui Particleboard production line with annual output of 220,000 m3, with drying equipments(BX2110 Drum chipper, 5*27m drying drum, storage warehouse for wet wood shavings, outlet screwer for warehouse of wet wood shavings, storage warehouse for dry wood shavings, outlet screwer for warehouse of dry wood shavings, storage warehouse for wood core, storage warehouse for wood surface, storage warehouse for wood powder and dust)for material preperation section 2011
    Guangxi Xiangsheng Co., Ltd
    Guangxi BL6300 vibrating conveyor, Feeding Belt Conveyor, Roller conveyor, Screw conveyor 2011
    Huizhou Shengyi Wood industry Co.,Ltd
    Huizhou φ4.6m*25m Drying drum 2011
    Rongjia oasthouse Co.,Ltd Malaysia one set of BX2113A Drum chipper, one year spare parts for BX2113A: fly-knife pressing plate, bedknife pressing plate, feed roller gear plate, protective plate, lower comb plate 2011
    Nankang Ganseng Man-made board Co.,Ltd Nankang one set of BX218A Drum chipper 2011
    Ganzhou Huajin Paper industry Co.,Ltd Ganzhou one set of BX2113C Drum chipper 2011
    Asian Oak Co.,Ltd. Shanghai one set of BBP160 Thorn roller debarker 2011
    Daya wood (Fujian) Co., Ltd
    Sha County, Sanming, Fujian BL6300/10 Vibrating conveyor, BL6120/12 Vibrating conveyor, electronic control, transportation, installation 2011
    Thailand Green river board industry Co. , Ltd. Thailand BX2113C drum chipper main engine 2011
    Guangdong Wulian wood industry co., Ltd Guangdong one set of 5.2m * 27m dryer drum 2011
    Guangdong Shixing County Huazhou Wood industry Co., Ltd Guangdong Particleboard production line with annual output of 220,000 m3 (BL6300 Vibrating feeding machinery, BZY3110/1 Roll conveyor, BX2110 drum chipper, BZY3110/1 roll conveyor, BX2113C drum chipper, BZY325/6 screw conveyor, BF14150 Three-layer vibrating screen, 5*27m dryer drum 2011
    Guangdong Wulian wood industry co., Ltd Guangdong complete sets of OSB production line with annual output of 300,000 cubic meters/a 2011
    Yunnan Kaiyuan Mingwei Co., Ltd Kaiyuan, Yunnan one set of BX2110 Drumm chipper, two sets of BF14100 Three-layer screen 2011
    Dieffenbacher Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Germany 160m3 sob/n log debarking and handling production line 2011
    Anhui Linbao Wood industry Co., Ltd Anhui one set of BBP160 roller debarker 2011
    Tiandong County Jinrong Paper Industry Co., Ltd Tiandong, Guangxi one set of BF14100 Wood chip screen 2011
    PUBLIC WASTE DISPOSAL SERVICES SDN.BHD. (Company No.238539-A) Malaysia Two sets of Drum Chippers 2011
    Deer New material Co., Ltd Kaiyuan, Liaoning Wood handling line for HDF project with annual output of 150,000 M3(BZY4110/26 Chain conveyor 、BL101 Debarker in-feed chute 、BBP1130/18 Debarker drum 、BZY4110/6 Chain conveyor、BZY3112/2 Roller conveyor、BL6300Vibrating conveyor、BX2113CDrum chipper、BF1420D 3-ply swing screen、BX326 Drum Re-chipper、BX218 Drum chipper、BZY11100/10 Belt conveyor、TH500 Bucket elevator Etc.,) 2011
    Wenan county Tianhua Desity board Co., Ltd Wenan, Hebei Wood handling line for MDF project with daily output of 7,500,000M3(BZY4108/15 Chain conveyor 、BZY4108/16 Chain conveyor 、BZY11100/14Belt conveyor、BX2113/11Drum chipper、BF14150 3-ply swing screen、BZY11100/9 belt conveyor、BZY1165/15Belt conveyor、BZY235/6 Screw conveyor、BZY11100/110 belt conveyor、BZY11100/8 belt conveyor Etc., ) 2011
    Jiangsu Shengmao Wood industry Co., Ltd Siyang, Jiangsu Wood handling line for fibreboard with annual output of 200,000M3(BL6300 Vibrating conveyor、BZY11120/18 Belt conveyor、BZY3112/4 Roller Conveyor、BX2113C Drum chipper、BZY235/6 Double screws conveyor、BZY11120/52 Belt conveyor、BX2110 Drum chipper、BF1420D 3-ply swing screen、BZY1150/56 Belt conveyor、BX326 Drum Re-chipper、BX218 Drum chipper、BZY1165/20 Belt conveyor Etc., 2011
    Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region State-run Qinlian Forestry Yard Fibreboard Guangxi, P.R.China One set of BL6300 Vubrating conveyor 2011
    Yunan province lincang city fanhua forestry investment development co., Ltd Lincang, Yunnan Mechanical debarking, chipping, screening wood handling line for (M)HDF Projectwith annual output of 150,000cubic meters (BZY4112/26 Chain conveyor, JD101 debarker’s in-feed chute,BBP1140/15 Roller debarker, BZY4112/6 Chain conveyor,BZY3112/2roller conveyor,BZY11120/9 belt conveyor,BZY3112/3 roller conveyor, BX2113C drum chipper, BF14120 Three layers swing screen, BZY235/6 screw conveyor, MF2515 knife grinder, BX2110 Drum chipper etc., ) 2011
    Liuzhou liangmianzhen paper Guangxi, Liuzhou One set of BX328 drum Re-chipper 2011
    Zhoukou dahe forestry Co., Ltd Zhoukou, Henan Turnkey project of Wood handling line for HDF production line with annual output of 220,000 cubic meters (BZY4112/13 Chain conveyor, BZY4112/30 chain conveyor, feed-in chute, BZY4112/6 chain conveyor, BZY3112/5 roller conveyor, BX2116 drum chipper, BZY11120/9 Belt conveyor, BZY11120/64 Belt conveyor, BF14150 three-layer vibrating screen, BX218A drum chipper, BX348 bark recrusher, drum debarker, etc.) 2011
    Danyang city hongyang textile Import& Export Co., Ltd Danyang, Jiangsu One set of BX2110 drun chipper, 3 sets of belt conveyors, etc. 2011
    Qingdao fanzhou trade Co., Ltd Qiangdao One set of BX218A drum chipper 2011
    DAYA wood (Heilongjiang river) industry co., Ltd Heilongjiang river BZY11120/22 Belt conveyor、BZY11120/19 Belt conveyor、BZY11120/32 Belt conveyor、BZY11120/39 Belt conveyor 2011
    DAYA wood (Heilongjiang river) industry co., Ltd Heilongjiang river One set of BL6300/11 vibrating feeder 2011
    Hunan Tianjie paper industry co., Ltd Hunan province One set of BBP160 roller debarker, one set of BZY1165/11 Belt conveyor 2011
    Yingkou Jiehai resource Co., Ltd Liaoning province Turnkey project of debarking, chipping, screening wood handling line for pulp chipping line project with annual output of 50,000 tons 2011
    Goldeast (Jiangsu) paper industry corporation Zhenjiang Turnkey project of chipping wood handling line for chemical mechanical pulp with annual output of 500,000tons and its auxiliary equipments 2011
    ShangHai Keming economical and trading Co., Ltd Shanghai One set of BX2113/8a drum chipper 2011
    Zhongyanyingang Wood base panel Co., Ltd Hebei province Tail part of head of Chain log haul 2011
    Hunan province Shengda wood industry Co., Ltd Hainan province Turnkey project of complete sets of wood handling line for thin-type HDF production line with annual output of 25,000tons 2010
    Goldeast (Jiangsu) paper industry corporation
    Zhenjiang Turnkey project of complete sets of belt conveyor for chemical mechanical pulp with annual output of 50,000tons 2010
    Longchuan county Yasengte wood industry Co., Ltd Yunnan province One set of BF14100 three layers swing screen 2010
    DAYA wood base panel (Zhaoqing ) Group Co., Ltd Guangdong province One set of BF14150 three layers swing screen 2010 2010
    Tianyang Nanhua paper industry Co., Ltd Guangxi province One set of BF14100 three layers of swing screen, one set of BX328 drum rechipper 2010
    Ningerxinfu wood processing plant Yunnan province One set of BX218A drum chipper 2010
    Guangxi Sunway forest products industry Co., Ltd Guangxi province a set of 130m3/h log debarking system,220,000m3/a MDF 2010
    Guangxi Heng county Guangui sugar Co., Ltd Guangxi province 2sets of BX218 drum chipper and 2 sets of BF1420D three layers swing screen 2010
    Sichuan yinge bamboo pulp paper industry Co., Ltd
    Sichuan province One set of BX218A drum chipper 2010
    Xinyang woodworking machinery Co., Henan province One set of BF1420D screen 2010
    Chenzhou city Yunong paper industry Co., Ltd Hunan province Contractual equipments for chemical mechanical upgrade engineer wood handling workshop with output 98,000tons 2010
    Fujian province Shaowu city Green source wood base panel Co., Ltd Fujian province One set of BX216 drum chipper 2010
    IKBB Indonesia project Indonesia PT-kutai Log belt conveyor, bark de-watering conveyor, sand collector etc., Conveyor 2010
    Vietnam φ4600×25000dryer Drum shell  2010
    Yunnan Yunjing Forestry & Pulp Mill Co.,Ltd. Yunnan,china Complete sets of equipments in wood handling line under the project of technical upgrade for 90000tons paper pulp 2010
    Guangdong huazhou wood floor co., Ltd Guangdong,china 1 set of BL6300/11 vibration feeding machine 2010
    Chapin county nengtong density board co., Ltd shandong,china wood chip screening machine, BZY11100/9 feeding belt conveyor, TH630/18 bucket elevator ,each model one set respectively
    IKBB Indonesia (PT Kutai project) Indonesia 300m3/h debarking line 2010
    Hebei weilibang wood co., Ltd Hebei, china BX218A drum chipper, BZY1175/20 feeding belt conveyor and BZY1180/25 out-feeding belt conveyor 2010
    Daya wood (Helong river) co., Ltd Heilong river, china 1 set of BX216 drum chipper, TD400/8.5 bucket elevator and belt conveyor 2010
    Daya wood (Fujian) co., Ltd Fujian, china 1 set of BBP160/12 roller dekarker and 3 sets of belt conveyor 2010
    Daya wood (Fujian) co., Ltd

    Fujian ,China

    DJ model big inclination angle wavy raised edge belt conveyor B1000/43 2010
    Hefei Baishirong agriculture technology co., Ltd Anhui, China BBP160 roller debarker, BX218A drum chipper, BF1420D 3-layer swing sifter and 3 sets of belt conveyors 2010
    Hongze Dongtai Wood- based Panel co., Ltd Shandong, China 1 set of BF14100 3-layer swing sifter 2010
    Foshan Wodesen board co., Ltd Guangdong,China 2 sets of BLC400 live bottom bin 2010
    Hubei Baoyuan wood co., Ltd Hubei,China 2 sets of cleaning gadgets and two sets of separation chute 2010
    Guangxi Zhaoping Ruixing paper co., Ltd Guangxi,China 1 set of BX218A drum chipper, one set of 3-layer swing sifter 2010
    Leshan Jixiang plantation ware co., Ltd Sichuan, China Wood yard conveying equipment 2010
    Dongying Zhenghe wood co., Ltd Shandong, China Wood chip feeding ( double spiral conveyor 2010
    Daye wood ( Helong river) co., Ltd Heilong river, China Wood chip feeding screening system 2010
    Hengxian Guangui sugar industry co., Ltd Guangxi, China 1 set of BX216 drum chipper, one set of BF1420D 3-layer swing sifter 2010
    Zhongyan yingang( Sichuan) wood-base panel co., Ltd Sichuan, China Roller conveyor and tail bracket for belt conveyor 2010
    Zhongyan yingang( Sichuan) wood-base panel co., Ltd Hebei, China 1 set of BX218D drum chipper 2010
    Zhongyan yingang( Sichuan) wood-base panel co., Ltd Hubei, China 1 set of drum chipper 2010
    Hubei Baoyuan wood co., Ltd Hubei, China Wood chip feeding( double spiral conveyor and scrapping conveyor 2010
    Hubei feisheng wood co., Ltd Hubei, China 2 sets of BBP160 roller debarker 2010
    Guangxi donghua wood co., Ltd Guangxi, China 1 set of BX2110 drum chipper 2010
    Huibei lingxin board company Anhui, China 1 set of BX2113A drum chipper 2010
    Suining county baoqing paper co., Ltd Suining, China 1 set of BX218 drum chipper 2010
    Hubei Baoyuan wood Co., Ltd Hubei, China Dryer drum shell for OSB project 2010
    Hubei Baoyuan wood Co., Ltd Hubei, China conveying equipment 2010
    Sichuan keruima forestry Co., Ltd Sichuan, China 1 set of knife grinding machine 2010
    Guangxi Shaoping Ruixing paper Co., Ltd Guangxi, China 1 set of BX218A drum chipper and BF1420D respectively 2010
    Hubei Baoyuan wood Co., Ltd Hubei,China Debarking line 2010


    ADD:No.18,Tengfei Road,Liyang,Jiangsu,China.    TEL:+86-519-87305803    FAX:+86-519-87301886
    Copyright ? 2010 Baolong Electromechanical Manufacture Co., Ltd All rights reserved.  
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